Wednesday, 8 July 2009


What a long day... spent 4hours jamming in 'Victoria Place' at the restaurant area waiting for the time to go by. Unfortunately my best friend wont be able to jet off with us.. she is so stupid she forgot to bring her expired passport today to renew it and apparently she's gonna have to book another appointment on friday and collect her new passport on saturday.... and my flights on friday so she's going to have to follow on on sunday and we'l just have to pick her up from the airport.

Anyways, afterwards i went to my aunties and here are just two photos of me, my marrs Gloria, my aunt Amelia and mama Angelica..
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the family is abit dissapointed of the colour of my complextion cause as you can see i have gotten a really dark tan wich im absolutly proud of, but apparently i was meant to wait until i actualy go on holiday. woopsies... looks like il be coming back darker than ever:). dont watch the contrast between my upper body abd my legs.. i kno.. its a HUGE difference aha;)

me&my mama
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just incase you were wondering.. yes my mama's half Chinese... thats probably where i got my eyes from

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  1. ur legs are berrrr lighttt !!! and there's no marks wth dno why ur complaining ;pp LOL


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