Saturday, 4 July 2009

Saturday love

I got my self a pair of Office ''HOLD ME BACK red/blue leather sandals:) ...£65 if U likeit:)
But all the reactions i got were..
'errr wtf is that..'
'omy dnt tell me you wana be Wonder Woman'
'haha you can be 'Darna!' from the filipino soap:)'
I guess no one likes my purrdy sandals!!!:( lol
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Portobello Market

Look at what me and my soon to be sister-in law have found:) they looked soo unique and it was so sad the bracelets were'nt given a name so me and Manda decided to call it our very own..

Sun Worrior Bracelets!.. ('no one can lik are arsee naw girls');p

i was so annoyed cause i lost it on the way to Nando's in Westfield but happily found it with two girls holding on to it when i saw them pick it up fromn the escalator goin up :D.. i got well excited aha.. what a loser!
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This was so funny.. this girl nudged me really hard cause she got excited that she found a 20p coin on the street, and when she bent down to pick it up, she then realised the coin was actulay glued to the ground!!! aha

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We pretended we were going to buy their Benefit products and jst kuickly nip out to the cash machine but we never came back!.. lol

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i got these at the end of the day btw:)

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  1. Loool fuck wat dey say dem shoes luk hard and u can dress like WonderWoman or Darna i wouldn't mind seeing that ;p


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