Friday, 19 February 2010

My To Do List

Catch up on-line:

The Vampire Diaries 
True Blood

College Assignments

Nick: ask team what I need to do
Doug: start on book! Research, planning, primary photos
Nicola: FMP! Research, planning
Sue: sketches, life Drawings
Improve on my portfolio in case of any portfolio reviews.

book a holiday request for Summer (abit excited lol)

Give my two weeks notice for some changes on my availability at work because I don't think I can handle my assignments and work everyday.

Start doing college work at home! 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The first pairs of shoes I've purchased at my work place.. 
Kurt Geiger .. :D


Wow a lot has happened recently.. so many things to talk about with so little time!! My brothers bugging me, wanting to play on the laptop, which gives me not a lot of time to blog!
Hmmm what can i talk about for 5mins? Oh YES! I've finaly got a job for the first time ever=D happy me:) ..not a BUM anymore. Earning money now.. but owing money to ALOT of people!! e.g my family. I quit my first job after 7DAYS!! After i found out I got offered  a new and BETTER JOB that i thought would not have gotten!! woohooo. I deal with SHOES!! love love shoes! I bet you anything that I'll always buy a pair of CARVELA shoes after every payday which is every month!!! arghh ive got to sort out my tax shiznits and sort out my money!! OOOO ive booked a holiday for the SUMMER already!!! Heres me getting excited over summer when its still WINTER and hasnt even gotten into SPRING yet! harhar.. I've fallen in AND out AND in love again!!  soo long to explain right now:( ..omy i keep babbling on and on, I probably don't make any sense right now and iv probably lost you with what's going on. But will blog somemore!!! SOOON!:D
until next time!!!!!!!! byeee xx

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