Friday, 19 March 2010


Im soo annoyed!:(
Yesterday i thought I had a dentist appointment so i went there only to get told that my appointments actually today. Which was ok cause it was only down the road from where i live. So this morning i woke up early just to go to my appointment, and again!!.. When i got there, (which was like 10minutes ago) they told me i had a fee to pay to get them checked out since im not 18 anymore even though im still in full-time education which would cost me 18quid. So i called up the usual dentist which i go to all the way in Fulham and asked if i was still free even though im 19, and they told me that if im still in college, then yeh im still free!!!!grrrr  But even after that, the lady behind the desk still said i had to pay and that the NHS dental service at fulham were wrong-+_+
I need this my molar taken out of my mouth ASAP!!!
Im just tooo lazy to goo all the way to Fulham especially when i have no time!!:(

Monday, 8 March 2010


Hello Hello Hello!!
People have been telling me iv put on allot of weight! Is this true?? Is this what I've been finally waiting for?
to gain weight?.
This was my plan though, to get meaty:s.. but is it what I expected? NO!
For the past year I have been trying to gain the weight I needed to. I get really paranoid and upset when people tell me i'm too skinny or i need to eat more; all the vitamins are going to my hair n all sorts.
But I do eat A LOT. and when I say allot I really mean it. lol. I eat like a fatboy eating his fat cake in the movie 'Matilda' ..lmao. But yes, now that people have started to notice it, iv started to notice it myself.
It started off when one of my girls came to my workplace to drop off their cv with her boyfriend, she noticed something different about me, my face has put on weight. After that I started started to stare at the mirror everyday at work and then i noticed it.. my chubby face:O LOL I did not expect to see a double chin when i move my head down slightly!! I was well shocked, at first i thought to myself.. ok yay iv gain weight finally.
Then i clocked more when i saw photos from peoples facebook albums where im tagged in, and BOY i have flabs on my belly! looks like i have a frigging bear belly, i mean wtf man, I notice myself always trying to breath in nowadays and suck my belly in at work, cause I see a pop belly every time i stand sideways in-front of the mirror, as if I'm pregnant! which im not! lol. Im starting to think im putting on the weight i didn't want to have, I thought I could manage the extra meat, but its all looking wrong and its ending up it unwanted places!
But anyways.. i think im going to go back to my usual weight by not eating 3double cheeseburgers and a happy meal everyday on my lunch break at work. BECAUSE thats what i've been eating everyday at work! Blame it on the McD's i say!!!! and the nandos and t.g.i's!!! lol.
I guess this is really sad talking about my weight lol. Let me see if i can get back to my 6stone and half body weight from a 7stone and a half:D. I'm actually surprised that I now weigh 7.5stones.. can u believe it? lol shutup.


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