Thursday, 26 November 2009

so confused

I only like the first part of the song before he sings out the
listen to it...

I'm so confused I don't
Know what to do

I wanna be your friend (your Friend)
and your love (Your Love),
and your own (your own)

Pretty Ricky

which one of us is really dumb?

This is stupid, i'm not stupid
Don't talk to me like im stupid
i still love you but i just can't do this
i may be dumb but i'm not stupid

Friday, 20 November 2009

“Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious...”

Thursday, 5 November 2009


How can I know what you mean when you never ask
How can I drive you crazy when I've got no gas
How can we be together when we're so far apart
You tell me that you love me then you go and break my heart
I'll admit that I've got problems if you'll say that you'll help me solve them.
I realize some days I can be sweet and some I'm sour, but I can't help drink you up because you're my happy our.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Only Girl

I want to be the one for you, the only girl thats running on your mind.
I want to make sure that i'm that One that can make you happy.
I want to love you the way you want me to so won't slip ahead and do me wrong by chatting up other girls or any one random to make you feel better about the way you look or feel about yourself, cause really i should be the Only one to make you feel that way.
I want to be the only girl you say nice things to.
Thinking about the shit that happend in the past.. I dnt wanna go through it again with you.. and I want to make sure i love you enough for that shit not to happen again.
Your perfect in my eyes and i love you.
That should be enough for you.:D

and right now it is enough.. lets make it work.

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