Friday, 19 March 2010


Im soo annoyed!:(
Yesterday i thought I had a dentist appointment so i went there only to get told that my appointments actually today. Which was ok cause it was only down the road from where i live. So this morning i woke up early just to go to my appointment, and again!!.. When i got there, (which was like 10minutes ago) they told me i had a fee to pay to get them checked out since im not 18 anymore even though im still in full-time education which would cost me 18quid. So i called up the usual dentist which i go to all the way in Fulham and asked if i was still free even though im 19, and they told me that if im still in college, then yeh im still free!!!!grrrr  But even after that, the lady behind the desk still said i had to pay and that the NHS dental service at fulham were wrong-+_+
I need this my molar taken out of my mouth ASAP!!!
Im just tooo lazy to goo all the way to Fulham especially when i have no time!!:(

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